We try our best to advertise your available products on BoardGameRags.com. This includes the creation of a banner featuring your collection as well as highlighting your related game. This banner will be used on BoardGameRags.com as well as on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You may even use the banner yourself and let your own followers know about your stuff at BoardGameRags.com!

Besides the banner we will also create a partner site for you. This site will also contain your very own company banner that we create for you, featuring your logo. In addition you will have the chance to put your company information on your partner site and add a link to your website so people can follow up with you.

We also offer some spaces on BoardGameRags.com which you can use to place ad banners. We have a total of 7 spots that can be reserved for your own ads:

  • 1 Banner on our main page (1200x150px)
  • 1 Banner on the sidebar of our collection pages (280x385px)
  • 1 Banner on the sidebar of our product detail pages (280x385px)
  • 2 Banners within our "Catalog" menu (200x280px)
  • 2 Banners within our "Partners" menu (200x280px)

If you are interested in getting an ad on our site, please contact us: partner@boardgamerags.com

We will provide all the details and conditions on advertisements at BoardGameRags.com.