As a board game company you will most likely have all these awesome artworks that people already enjoy while playing your games. But why not make more out of them? Why not offer people a chance to show their dedication to your company and your games by actually wearing your artwork on T-shirts or hoodies? You might even have thought about doing this already but struggled to do so due to time, resource and/or distribution issues. And that's fine because in the end you are still a board game company and not a fashion label.

But what if we told you that you can start selling your own merch without having to spend any time or resource? You won't even have to manage sales or take care of the distribution! We will do all of this for you – FOR FREE!

All you need to do is to become a partner of and again, this will not cost you anything at all!



Once you become a partner you benefit from our FREE SERVICES and you'll start with two collections included, each with up to three different designs.

If you are interested, please apply for your free partnership by contacting us at:



Teaming up with us will be beneficial for your business. And here´s why:

To start with you get 6 free designs that we can either create for you (free of charge!) or use your own designs. Once we have agreed on your designs, we take care of creating your merchandise products and offering them at

As a partner you will be able to sell your own shirts on a growing platform dedicated especially to board gamers. You will be able to display your designs, your company information and your games to thousands of potential customers worldwide.

To start with you do not need to invest anything except dropping us any files you want to use for your designs. And as mentioned before, you may already have your own shirt designs and of course you can submit those!

Since we will be responsible for managing the sales on you will not be troubled by dealing with the orders or customer questions. We will take care of that. You can completely relax. Once per month you will receive a sales overview of your products and receive your profit.

You generate profit from each of your sold products on Essentially you get a fixed profit that you will be able to increase.

All our products ship worldwide from three different hubs that guarantee low shipping costs and quick delivery at all times.

We are offering great quality products from GILDAN, BELLA & CANVAS and ANVIL and all finished products will go through a final quality check before being shipped out to the customers.

We PRINT ON DEMAND, meaning that all orders are produced as they are requested. This way there's never any stock to take care of. Once an order is placed, all items from that order get produced and shipped.


If you decide to expand your partnership with there are more choices available. These include more collections and designs, additional advertising options (such as banners or social media posts and features) and special bonuses for being one of our top partners.



When becoming a partner of all you need to do is to upload your files to us so we can start creating your designs. This means you can either upload artworks/logos and let us know which ones to use for a design or you may already have finalized designs we can use to create your products directly. In any case, here's a full list of our services that are free of charge for you:

  • We adjust or create a design based on your submitted files and general wishes.
  • We create 1-2 Unisex Shirts, 1 Girlie and 1 Unisex Hoodie, each in different colors & all possible sizes.
  • We create a banner and several other images to use at These may also be used for your own purposes.
  • We manage your sales at and send you a monthly sales overview.
  • You will get a fixed profit for each of your sold items.
  • A guaranteed feature of your new designs on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account, as well as in our newsletters.
  • A guaranteed feature of your new designs on our main page slider and news section.

As a partner you will also receive your own partner site within on which your company information (including your company logo and a link to your website) will be displayed. In addition, this site will help customers find the collections you are currently offering.

There are even more services that we offer, such as banner advertisement, social media promos and featuring your next Kickstarter here on Just head over to our list of SERVICES to find out more.


Once you become a partner of we will start to create your first two collections. The first collection is always your company collection. This one is mandatory and only includes designs featuring your company logo. The second collection will feature one of your board games. Simply choose which of your games you want to create a collection for and either let us do the design part for free or send us finished designs you want us to use. In either case we will make sure you get a great finished product!

A collection always consists of up to three different designs. This means your company collection may have up to three varying designs of your logo. E.g. you could use one design to show your original logo while a second design uses a one color variant logo and a third design being a different sized logo.

Your first board game collection will also allow up to three designs specific to your chosen board game.

Each design will be used to create several products including shirts, girlies and hoodies. Once you've used up all three designs in a collection you may add more designs to it or a whole new collection for another one of your board games by subscribing to one of our four partner plans. Don't worry, they all have very reasonable pricing!

Once we have created your designs we will send you the product mockups for your approval and a contract that allows us to use your submitted artworks and logos for our designs and authorizes selling them in your name on Of course, this will just be for the sake of making sure you gave us your approval. We do not seek to obtain any rights to designs based on your artworks at all! And if you wish to cancel a design (which you can do at any time), we will delete all related files and remove them from our website.

So this is how you get started. Now let´s take a closer look at the DESIGNS, PRODUCTS and PROFITS.