We offer several free services to our partners. Here´s a full list of our services that are free of charge for you:

  • We adjust or create a design based on your submitted files and general wishes.
  • We create 1-2 Unisex Shirts, 1 Girlie and 1 Unisex Hoodie, each in different colors & all possible sizes.
  • We create a banner and several other images to use at BoardGameRags.com. These may also be used for your own purposes.
  • We manage your sales at BoardGameRags.com and send you a monthly sales overview.
  • You will get a fixed profit for each of your sold items.
  • A guaranteed feature of your new designs on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account, as well as in our newsletters.
  • A guaranteed feature of your new designs on our main page slider and news section.

As a partner you will also receive your own partner site within BoardGameRags.com on which your company information (including your company logo and a link to your website) will be displayed. In addition, this site will help customers find the collections you are currently offering.  

If you feel the need for additional services, we can offer you the following at a small price:

  • Expand your collections and designs by subscribing to one of four affordable partner plans.
  • 1-7 days banner advertisement of your choice on different spots on our site.
  • Promote a post on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account, as well as in our newsletters.