is a website intended to provide high quality shirts and other rags that were especially designed for board games! Our goal is to create wearable merchandise for board game companies that want to have cool shirts for their games but do not have the time, resources or experience to manage that themselves. In addition we realized that having one common "portal" on which those items are sold would be much more attractive and convenient for both our customers and our partner companies!

In order to achieve this, we offer to handle the design and sale of our partner companies' shirts. Even though we also accept finished designs by our partners, we wanted to offer a chance for smaller companies to get great products - so we are helping them to achieve great designs.

Our plan is to add more and more board game companies and therefore more merchandise for many board games to our catalog. We truly believe that this is something many have been waiting for as we know how often people wish for cool shirts based on their favorite board games!

Here's your chance to dress in style for your next game night! Have fun browsing our collections and do not forget to check frequently to make sure you are not missing new stuff!

- The Board Game Rags Team